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If you care about your ability for future employment as well as your privacy you will seek to have your criminal record expunged by an experienced Miami and Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney. Even if you never found guilty, your criminal arrest record can still affect you. It can make it hard to get into schools, get a job, find housing, obtain a loan or get a security clearance.

The record of the arrest is a public record and therefore available for anyone to see. By expunging your records, you are removing all traces of the arrest from your record. All documents are physically destroyed. In addition, it is illegal for anyone to give out any information about your charges. The best part is that you may legally deny or fail to acknowledge that you were arrested for the expunged records.

In Florida you may expunge your police records as well as the court case files but you must meet the following criteria:

  • Never been convicted of a crime of any type
  • Never applied for an expungement before
  • You are not on probation or any type of court supervision

If you are interested in having your criminal record cleared, contact the Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney at Gilbert and Smallman. We have the experience to get your record cleared and protect your future.

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