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Putting the Price on the Wrongful Death of a Child

If you’ve lost a child in an accident that was caused by the negligence of someone else then you know a depth of pain that most people will never go through. This can become even more complicated when it comes time to file a personal injury claim and you’re faced with putting a price on…

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Is There a Case Against Disney After Alligator Attack?

A tragedy recently took place in the happiest place on earth. A two-year-old toddler was playing on a man-made beach with his family when an alligator dragged him off. The boy’s father tried to fight the alligator off but to no avail. Unfortunately, after a long search, rescuers found the boy’s drowned body. There’s no…

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The Latest in Wrongful Death Litigation in Miami

Miami certainly isn’t alone when it comes to issues with wrongful death cases. Nonetheless, these cases deserve more attention in order to correct the problem. Consider a recent article for the Miami Herald titled “Officers cleared in shooting deaths of South Florida motorists.” The author of the article writes, “Prosecutors have cleared police officers in…

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Indictment and Wrongful Death Lawsuit Come in Aftermath of Florida Police Shooting

There unfortunately seems to be no shortage of news of police shootings. With these incidents come wrongful death lawsuits. Consider a recent article for CBS News titled “Police shooting victim family grateful for Florida deputy indictment.” According to the author of the article, “The mother and brother of a Florida man fatally shot by a…

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Boating Accident Leads to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

No one wants to be part of a wrongful death lawsuit in any capacity. Yet, if an unfortunate incident occurs, it is imperative you have the proper legal protection. Consider a recent article for Local 10 titled “DJ Laz accepts plea deal in boating death.” Amanda Batchelor and Sanela Sabovic of Local 10 write, “Mendez’s…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Following ZombiCon Killing

There were a lot of things people expected from ZombiCon. One of them, however, was not a fatal shooting. Now, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed. Consider a recent article for USA Today titled “Family of man killed at ZombiCon sues for $5M.” Ben Brasch of USA Today writes, “The family of the 20-year-old…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Come After Years of Complaints

Wrongful death lawsuits are unfortunately not a rare occurrence in Miami. However, with so many unfortunate incidents happening, it is imperative that you have quality legal representation. Consider a recent article for NBC Miami titled “Deadly Crash Came After Years of Complaints About Rail Crossing.” Mc Nelly Torres and Willard Shepard of NBC Miami write,…

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Wrongful Death of Fatally Scalded Prisoner

When people take the idea of justice too far, it is a poor reflection on our criminal justice system and our values as Americans. Those tasked with upholding the law must be expected to be on their jobs at all times. Consider a recent article for the Miami Herald titled “Fatally scalded inmate was kept…

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