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Are Red Light Cameras Worth the Investment?

Are red light cameras doing their job or are they just annoyances? With some cities pulling them down, more and more people are beginning to question them. Consider a recent article for the Sun-Sentinel titled “Tamarac pulls plug on red light cameras.” Lisa J Huriash of the Sun-Sentinel writes, “The city had 15 cameras at…

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How To Deal With Injuries that Could Have Been Prevented

Sometimes you find yourself in a tough spot. You went to the grocery store, opened the refrigerator case to get some orange juice, and you slipped and fell on some spilled grapefruit juice that had been squished in the door. After 4 hours in the ER with a broken hip (no, you can be any…

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Recommendations Regarding Helmets, Child Restraints, and Lap/Shoulder Belt

There are some obvious ways that drivers and their passengers can change behavior that will dramatically impact injuries and loss of life due to car accidents, truck accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents.

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Trailer Truck Accident Caught on Video

Accidents Involving Semi Trailer Trucks Commonly Among Worst for Injuries Keep in mind whenever you are driving anywhere next to or behind a semi trailer truck, that if you can’t see the driver in his mirror, he probably can’t see you.  Most accidents between a semi truck and another vehicle are not nearly as dramatic…

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Avoid Accidents with Trucks When You Folllow These 9 Driving Tips

A few simple rules could make all the difference in avoiding a truck accident. Here are 9 such tips from Roadsafe America.

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Tips to Avoid an Accident with a Semi-Truck

Car Accident with Trucks Can Be Avoided by Following These Tips It goes without saying that getting involved in an accident with an 80,000 pound truck against your 3000 pound car is not a fair match-up.  The result can be significant injuries.  If you are ever in a truck accident and need help dealing with…

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8 Safe Driving Tips for Truckers from Miami Trucker Attorney

Road Safe America has compiled a list of the most critical safe driving tips for truckers.

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Driving Tips for Truckers to Avoid Accidents

Miami Truck Accident Attorney Provides Driving Tips for Truckers Truck drivers are held to a higher standard of care on the road.  Because of the greater risks, truck drivers are held to a stricter legal standard than other motorists.  This means it is important that a trucker have an attorney who understands the legal “weak…

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