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Gun Laws

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Wrongful Death in the Shooting of Jermaine McBean?

Wrongful death cases are a never-ending nightmare in the United States. They occur far too often and yet, many people don’t have the legal protection to get justice for their family members. Consider a recent article for NBC News titled “Activists: Charge Cops in Shooting Death of Jermaine McBean.” Tracy Connor of NBC News writes,…

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Florida Shooting Inadmissible in Hernandez Trial

It’s one of those situations that sometimes have laypeople scratching their heads: A defendant charged with a serious crime is also alleged to have committed another kind of crime, perhaps one that appears related to the current charges. A judge rules that some or all of the evidence concerning the other incident is inadmissible in…

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Proposed Florida Laws for Guns on Campus

No fewer than five proposed laws are up for consideration as to whether to permit guns on school campuses in Florida. In response, various groups have already begun the push to lobby against the passage of the laws, which could affect behavior on K-12 as well as college campuses. One man, whose son was killed…

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Gun Control Laws in Ft Lauderdale and Miami

You Could Be Arrested if You Don’t Know the Rules about Gun Control in Florida In the news today are countless debates, discussions, laws, and articles with regard to arms control. Are we going to register them via a national registration system? How do we determine  who can have guns and who can’t? How big…

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You Do Need a Concealed Weapon Permit in Florida

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the two ladies were at Starbucks located in the Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg. When they went to pay, one of them dropped her purse. As the purse hit the ground, a .25-caliber gun that she had in the purse went off. Her friend ended up with a bullet in her leg.

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