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Drug Testing

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Understanding Miami’s Drug Possession Laws

Any type of drug crime is considered a serious offense in Miami and can lead to jail time, huge fines, and a felony on your record. However, not all drug crimes are created equal. Read on to learn about the different drug possession laws and what you can do if you’re accused of a drug…

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Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Vote on Marijuana Decriminalization

Criminal defense lawyers stay busy in Florida. With debates over decriminalizing marijuana use raging ahead of a vote, it is imperative for many people to have quality criminal defense lawyers in an environment full of grey areas. Consider a recent article for the Tampa Bay Times titled “Tampa City Council to vote March 3 on…

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Defective drugs can be Dangerous

Usually, the United States government does a great job when it comes to ensuring that the drugs that we are prescribed and ingest are actually doing what they are designed to do. Instead of helping a patient, defective drugs can cause even more pain and discomfort. There are a number of types of drugs which have been found…

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Are Florida’s Medical Pot Laws Murky?

A pair of Florida statutes have become the subject of debate in a case involving a couple from St. Johns, Marcia and Scott Yarnell, who were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Neither law, apparently, makes it clear whether what the Yarnells were engaged in illegal activity. As reported, law enforcement officers raided the…

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Floridians Support Recreational Pot Use, Poll Says

As the issue of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes continues to be the subject of contention, a new poll suggests that voters in three different states support legalizing pot for recreational use, as well. The poll’s findings suggest that the time may soon be coming when at least some form of recreational marijuana use will…

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Florida Drug Testing Appeal Expires

A legal fight that has been waged for years over a law that mandated that Floridians applying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) take drug tests has finally come to an end – not with the certainty of a pounding gavel but with the expiration of a deadline. After a federal court rejected the…

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