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Domestic Violence

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Three things adult siblings fight about

Having siblings in our grownup life can be a wonderful blessing. However, as we reach adulthood, our relationships with siblings often change along with life and career paths. Often, fights or misunderstandings occur between siblings which are confusing and complicated in the minds of all parties. The past often colors these interactions and disagreements, but…

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Diddy Claims Self Defense in UCLA Altercation

You never know when you might need criminal defense representation, even when you are a world famous, wealthy music mogul. Diddy was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons when he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in an altercation with the weight training coach for UCLA’s football team. Bleacher Report…

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What to do about severe injuries

Severe injuries can be terribly traumatic no matter the situation. Things can be worse if you are not properly prepared to handle it for you and your family. One of the most important parts of dealing with severe injury is making sure that you are properly prepared beforehand. Insurance is probably the most important part…

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What to do when your relationship becomes toxic

Relationships are scary things. As human beings, most of us need some kind of companionship that is more than a friendship. This means that we spend a good portion of our life looking for that special someone. Thus, we date different people. Some relationships occur and end organically and easily and we sometimes even develop…

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Making Revenge Porn a Crime

The advent of new communication technologies and devices has given rise to a way of life in which people seem more connected to – and, ironically, often isolated from – one another than ever. All it takes is a tweet or a post or an email or a text (or sext) from one person to…

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The Zimmerman’s Are In The News Again

Shellie Zimmerman  Sentenced  for Misdemeanor Perjury Charge. Over the last 19 months the Zimmerman’s have spent their fair share of time in the public eye.  Although George Zimmerman has been acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, the family is back in the news.   This time Shellie Zimmerman, George’s wife, is the focus.  In just a few weeks time she was…

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