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Cohabitation Law

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Could Your Relationship Affect Your Alimony?

If you’re currently receiving alimony and are living with someone you’re in a romantic relationship with, it’s important to know that your cohabitation may be putting your alimony at risk. A recent article in the National Law Review is specific to Virginia law but in some ways parallels the laws here in Florida. In the…

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Losing my wife was hard

Things were wonderful. I married my high school sweetheart the moment we got out of college. You would think that we had a perfect life. We both had great careers making good money doing the things that we loved. We had two beautiful kids who are smart and didn’t get into trouble. Along with all…

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What Does Marriage Equality Mean for Divorce Laws?

With the Supreme Court officially legalizing marriage equality, a number of questions have arisen about divorce laws. WOTV 4 Women explores this in a recent article titled “Marriage equality means divorce equality.” Gail Saukas of WOTV 4 Women writes, “The new marriage equality ruling now makes it legal to not only marry in all states,…

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My marriage actually ended well

At a certain point, my wife and I knew that our marriage was over. We had been together for about 20 years, and we both had changed significantly in that time. Six careers and two kids later, we had become different people than we were when we met. Sometimes things don’t work out. My wife…

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Florida and Religious Freedom

Not long after the firestorm erupted over the State of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which critics claimed would allow businesses to discriminate against gay and transgendered people, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was quoted as saying in a radio interview, “Florida has a law like this.” Well, does it? PolitiFact Florida decided to take…

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Repealing Florida’s Cohabitation Law

You’ve likely heard about state laws that have been on the books for quite some time without having been recently enforced. Typically, these are of the ridiculous variety and worth a good laugh. However, a law that’s been on the books in Florida since 1868 could have serious repercussions for individuals and their relatives – which…

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